Dry Themed Stock Photos

Athletic Girl Fixing Her Hair While Looking at a Sunset Behind the Rocks
Close-Up of an Aspen Leaf Laying in the Grass
Overhead Shot of a Pointy Cactus in a Desert
Close-Up View of Colorful Leaves in Fall Colors
Desert Hiking Trail with Mount Whitney in the Background
Outdoorsy Woman Fixing Her Hair into a Ponytail in Front of Large Rock Formations
Close-Up View of Brown Birch Leaves Fallen on a Grass in Fall
Sunrise in the Desert with Saguaro Cacti
Cholla Cactus in the Morning Sun
View of a Prickly Pear Cactus in a Desert
Full Frame Shot of Sand Ripples
View of Sand Dunes in a Desert
Sunset at Smith Rock State Park with Reed in the Foreground
Two Mountain Bikers on a Trail in a Desert
Close-Up of a Prickly Pear Cactus Blooming
Road Going Through Sonoran Desert with Dramatic Stormy Clouds Above
Directly from Above Close up View of a Cactus
Panoramic View of a Desert with Cacti Before Sunset
Detailed View of a Cactus in the Sonoran Desert
Desert Plants with Prickles After Sunset
Desert Plants with Prickles After Sunset
Mountains During Golden Hour with Dark Stormy Sky Above
Sunset in a Desert with Sun Seen Through a Bush
Woman with a Backpack Hiking on a Trail with a View of an Ocean
Eastern Sierra Nevada Hills and Rock Formations During Sunrise
Outdoorsy Woman in a Down Jacket Drinking Water from a Bottle
Detail of a Curled Dried-Up Fern Leaf with a Green One in the Background
Close-Up of Green Fern with a Single Dry Leaf
Low-Angle View of Dry Colorful Leaves Under a Willow Tree
Close-Up View of a Tree Branch with Colorful Dry Leaves
Close-Up of Dry Orange Leaves on a Tree Trunk
Fern with Partially Dried Leaves Against Dark Background
Alpine Valley Landscape with a Wooden Fence During Dawn
Close-Up of a Structured Tree Trunk with a Crack
Woman's Hand Holding Dry Fluffy Dandelion in Front of a Camera
Woman Holding Dry Fluffy Dandelion in Front of a Camera