PixelTote offers a simple two-tier licensing structure for your various applications. We own all the content and have obtained the necessary model and property releases so that you can safely use our assets in all your personal, commercial, or editorial projects.

Standard License

All of our images fall under the Standard Royalty-Free License. The license covers commercial or editorial use including:

  • Advertising, websites, social media, blog posts, annual reports, editorial, design elements, product, packaging etc.
  • Worldwide usage, all media, unlimited time
  • Unlimited electronic impressions
  • Up to 2,500 copies in print

Extended License

Building on top of the Standard License our Extended License adds the option to include the following features:

  • Unlimited print reproductions
  • Unlimited commercial use in other media (TV, product packaging etc.)
  • Use as part of a product for resale or distribution
  • Multiseat
Royalty-free license
Worldwide usage and in perpetuity
Unlimited commercial use on social media
Unlimited commercial use on web
Commercial use in printUp to 2,500 print reproductionsUnlimited print reproductions
Unlimited commercial use in other media (including print, TV, and product packaging)
Use as part of a product for resale or distribution (merchandise, theme etc.)
You may not use our content in any of these manners:
  • Sublicense or sell the license: the license is non-transferable and covers your use of the content only
  • Sell or license content on its own: licensed content has to be part of a work that you create and own
  • Use content to create obscene, illegal, or defamatory work
  • Use content as a logo or a trademark
  • Infringe the intellectual property rights of us or others

Licensing Features

Always Fully-Released Images

We have acquired all the necessary model, pet, and/or property releases for those resources where they are required so that you can use them worry-free in all your applications.

Commercial or Editorial Use

Our images are clearly marked for either commercial (CO) or editorial (ED) use so that you will have a birds-eye view on a proper asset use without infringing on intellectual property rights.

Social Media Commercial Use

All our digital assets can be used for unlimited commercial use on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Comprehensive Premium License

Our comprehensive Premium License offers extended rights and features for all your large-scope projects.


What rights are included in your licenses?

All our licenses are royalty-free and can be used worldwide and in perpetuity. Standard License allows unlimited commercial use in social media and on the web.

What rights are included in the Standard License?

In addition to the rights offered by all our licenses, Standard License provides the right to use the asset for unlimited commercial use on web and the right to print up to 2,500 reproductions in print.

Are there any limitations to these licenses?

You may not use our content in, but not limited to, any of the following manners: sublicense or sell the license; sell or license the content on its own (it must be part of the work that you create); use the content to create obscene, illegal or defamatory works; use the content for logos or trademarks; infringe intellectual property rights of us or others.

Do these licenses include merchandising?

Our Extended License allows licensed assets to be used as part of a product for resale or distribution. None of the other licenses allow merchandising.

Are these licenses royalty-free?

Yes, all our licenses are royalty-free. The licensed assets may be used without the need to pay royalties (or license fees) for each use, per copy reproduced, or per volume sold.

Can I use these licenses for editorial content?

Yes, all our licenses can be used for editorial content.

What is the difference between commercial and editorial use?

Editorial Use (ED) images cannot be used for commercial or advertising purposes—generally these are newsworthy images of general public interest and are meant to be used in newspapers, newsletters, blogs, or other media whose primary purpose is knowledge sharing. These images may not have releases available and may include protected intellectual property content. Commercial Use (CO) images are cleared for advertising, promotional, or merchandising use.

Do your photos come with releases?

All photos that require model, pet, and/or property release have the proper release on file and are clearly marked as released. Please note that we do not provide these documents upon the license sale.