Outdoor Themed Stock Photos

Two Girls Sitting on a Park Bench and Having a Picnic
Man on His Toes Walking a Slackline in a Park
Single Skier Sitting on a Chairlift Going up the Mountain
Athletic Girl Fixing Her Hair While Looking at a Sunset Behind the Rocks
Close-Up of a Climber's Hand Crimping a Narrow Granite Hold
Middle-Of-The-Road View of a Distant Mountain with Trees on Both Sides
Girl Walking down the Stairs with Railing in Blue Jeans
Close-Up of an Aspen Leaf Laying in the Grass
Silhouette of a Couple Standing on the Beach During Sunset
Row of Small Pumpkins at an Organic Farm Stand
American Flag Flying in the Wind Against the Blue Sky
View of a Transmission Tower with Power Lines Against Blue Sky
Close-Up of White Women's Ice Skates Laying on a Bench
Close-Up of a Fly Agaric Mushroom in the Forest
Man Unloading Christmas Tree from the Back of a Car
Carousel Horses on a Merry-Go-Round in an Amusement Park
Mountain Road Going Through a Tunnel Surrounded by Trees
Close-Up of Wine Grapes in a California Vineyard
Close-Up View of Tea Candles on a Table
Female Skier in a Red Jacket in Slightly Whiteout Conditions
Woman Warming Her Hands by a Fire Pit at a Ski Resort
Silhouette View of a Palm Tree Against Vibrant Orange Sunset Sky
Overhead Shot of a Pointy Cactus in a Desert
View of an Empty Ski Chair Going down with Snow Covered Trees Behind
Man Holding Handle Bars of a Vintage Bicycle
Sunset at Smith Rock State Park with Reed in the Foreground
Distant View of Smith Rock State Park in the Morning Sun
View of a Waterfall with Large Boulders Surrounded by Green Foliage
Scenic View of Mt. Shasta in California During Sunset
High-Angle View of a Medley of Artisan Organic Pumpkins
Close-Up View of Colorful Leaves in Fall Colors
Rock Climber's Helmet and Belaying Device Laying on a Granite Slab
Rows of Green Leaf Lettuce Neatly Planted in the Field
High-Angle View of a Street in Downtown San Francisco
Night Traffic Lights on the Highway in Seattle
Low-Angle View of a Row of a Leafy Green Lettuce in the Field
Dramatic Sunset Sky with Clouds Grouped Above the Horizon
Desert Hiking Trail with Mount Whitney in the Background
City Traffic View from a Car with a Right-Hand-Side Steering Wheel Placement
Close-Up of an Assisted Belay Device in Use by a Climber
Close-Up View of White Daisies
Winter Landscape Featuring Snow-Covered Trees and White Mountain Peaks
Woman in Outdoor Clothing Walking Through Deep Snow
Low-Angle View of Christmas Lights Wrapped Around the Trunk of a Tree
Close-Up View of Frost Covered Branches of a Tree
View of Frost-Covered Landscape With a Rolling Fog Early in the Morning
High-Angle View of a Crater Lake Shoreline in Oregon
Outdoorsy Woman Fixing Her Hair into a Ponytail in Front of Large Rock Formations
View of a Tablet with Bottles of Wine Next to a Glass and a Bottle Opener
Ground View of a Tree Canopy with Multiple Small Green Leaves
Scenic View of a Blue Mountain Lake with Trees and Patches of Snow
View of Snow-Covered Mountains with Evergreens in the Foreground
Cloudy Evening Sky in Blue Tones with Mountain Peaks Vistas
Overhead View of a Bubbling Sulfur Mud Pool
Table-Top View of Camping Cookware and Dinnerware
Waterfall Icicles on a Rock Formation in a Pacific Northwest Forest
Close-Up View of Turf Lines on a Sports Field in an Urban Area
Low-Angle View of a Woman Walking on a Mountain Trail Showing the Soles of Shoes
Low-Contrast View of a Snowy Landscape with Sparse Trees and a Creek
Scenic View of Gatlinburg and Its Surrounding Area from a Chair Lift
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