White Themed Stock Photos

A Wedding Dress Hanging on White Window Blinds at Home
Close-Up of White Women's Ice Skates Laying on a Bench
Low-Contrast View of a Snowy Landscape with Sparse Trees and a Creek
Scenic View of Snow Covered Mountains in the Near-Whiteout Conditions
Overhead View of a Winter Waterfall with Snow-Covered Boulders Around
Artistic Light Bulb Installation on a Ceiling
Easter Eggs with Flower Petals Arranged on a White Plate
Curved Pathway with a High-Contrast Shadow Cast by Stone Railing
Part of a White Gothic Ceiling in a Castle
View of a Casino Sign Against a Clear Sky
Faucet with Running Water in a Modern Kitchen at Home
Faucet With Running Water in a Modern Kitchen
Electrical Light Switch Set without a Plate on a White Wall