Yellow Themed Stock Photos

Close-Up of an Aspen Leaf Laying in the Grass
Silhouette of a Couple Standing on the Beach During Sunset
High-Angle View of a Medley of Artisan Organic Pumpkins
Sunrise in the Desert with Saguaro Cacti
Full Frame Shot of Sand Ripples
Yellow Out-Of-Focus Lights
Hay Bales in a Field with Dramatic Sky Above
Hay Bales on a Field After Harvest
Hay Bales on a Field After Harvest
Woman Looking at Her Phone in Front of a Yellow Wall
Sunflowers in a Vase on a Kitchen Counter
Directly from Above View of a Car on a Highway
Window with a Red Ornamental Frame on a Mustard-Yellow Stucco Wall
Surfer with a Yellow Surfboard Checking Waves Before Paddling Out
Defocused Abstract Yellow Red and Orange Bokeh Lights
Out-of-Focus Abstract Colorful Bokeh Lights
Full Frame View of Defocused Abstract Orange Lights
Out-of-Focus Abstract Green and Yellow Bokeh Lights
Arrow Sign Pointing to an Exit in a Parking Garage
Side View of a Staircase with Colorful Planting Pots Decorated with Ceramic Pieces
Directly-from-Above View of a Group of Friends on a River Paddle Boat
Woman Collecting Suitcase from the Carousel in an Airport
From-Below View of a Narrow City Street in Barcelona
Woman Taking Picture of a Dance Competition with a Camera Phone
Close-Up View of a Tree Branch with Colorful Dry Leaves