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Man Squeezing a Lime into a Bowl with Guacamole

Man in a Flannel Shirt Baking Gingerbread Cookies at Home
 Man Cutting an Onion on a Wooden Board in a Kitchen
Hands of a Man Pulling a Radish from a Garden Bed
Low-Angle View of a Man Baking Gingerbread Cookies at Home
Man Braising Sausages on a Barbecue Grill with a Brush
Daughter Helping Her Mom with Food Preparation in a Kitchen
Man Assembling a Baby Crib in a Children's Room
Man Cracking an Egg into an Iron Skillet on an Outdoor Fire Pit
Man Holding Present in Front of a Christmas Tree
Man Unloading Christmas Tree from the Back of a Car
Hands of a Woman Taking a Picture of a Meal with a Smartphone
Overhead Shot of a Man Baking Gingerbread Cookies at Home
Hands of a Man Assembling a Baby Crib
Man Peeling an Onion on a Cutting Board in a Kitchen
Man in a Coffee Shop Holding a Cup of Coffee in One Hand
Man Looking at a Grocery Shopping List on a Smartphone at a Refrigerator
Back-View of a Man Warming His Hands Above the Flames at a Ski Resort
Man Chopping Cilantro on a Wooden Cutting Board
Hands of a Man Inspecting Radishes in a Garden Bed
Man Grilling Sausages on a Barbecue in a Backyard