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Man's Hands Typing on a Computer Keyboard in a Side Window Light

Man's hands typing on a computer keyboard. The man's fingers are lit with a side-light and there is a reflection on the table. The man is wearing pleated shirt which is in the dark portion of the image. Traction device of the laptop is more visible than the keys.

Low-Angle View of a Man Using a Laptop Inside a Coffee Shop
Man Unloading Christmas Tree from the Back of a Car
Detailed View of a Man in a White Sweater Holding a Phone in His Hand
Hands of a Man Pulling a Radish from a Garden Bed
Close-Up View of Hands of a Man Using a Smartphone in a Cafe
Man in a Coffee Shop Holding a Cup of Coffee in One Hand
Back-View of a Man Warming His Hands Above the Flames at a Ski Resort
Close-Up View of Hands of a Woman Using a Smartphone in a Cafe
Close-Up of a Climber's Hand Crimping a Narrow Granite Hold
Man's Hands Gripping Holds on a Practice Wall at Home
Young Woman Working on a Laptop Remotely in a Shopping Mall
Man Braising Sausages on a Barbecue Grill with a Brush
Close-Up of a Woman Siting by Pool and Typing on a Smartphone
Man Assembling a Baby Crib in a Children's Room
Close-Up of a Man Clasping Woman's Hand Tightly
Detailed Low Angle View of a Woman Typing on a Cell Phone
Man Cracking an Egg into an Iron Skillet on an Outdoor Fire Pit
Side-View of a Man Standing on a Train Platform and Checking His Phone
Interior View of a Pharmaceutical Lab with a Computer in the Foreground
Outdoorsy Man and a Woman in Down Jackets Clasping Hands

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